Your mood has also effect on your fertility

Your mood has also effect on your fertility

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Your mood has also effect on your fertility
Posted in 2014

While it’s speculated that stress does not cause infertility, an infertility diagnosis can create tremendous stress that affects mood, sleep, and fertility.
When people are under chronic stress, their sleep habits are affected. Feelings of anxiety and depression can arise. Studies show that fertility patients diagnosed with anxiety and depression have lower rates of in vitro fertilization (IVF) success.
Dr. Latz says that cortisol levels are often affected by the stress of our daily hectic lives. High cortisol levels prevent us from relaxing and getting quality sleep.
To combat the negative effects of cortisol and stress, try acupuncture, yoga and/or psychotherapy. These interventions are aimed at reducing stress and have been shown to increase rates of conception among infertility patients.
I told U many times that your brain is the one of the main causes of Infertility...When it is disturbed it effect on entire body so that many health and infertility problems may caused.
It can be solved with your healthy food, simple meditation....

My advise
1...  Every one knows when you are bad mood will effect on your health and you may be experienced it like headache, you digestion is slow, blood pressure, nervous problem .....................
2...  When a woman during her pregnancy has bad mood it not only effect her health but also her unborn child
3...  If your child experience it and it may cause mental imbalance which can cause mentally handicapped  or mentally retarded or other
4...  I suggest every woman during her pregnancy should be happy

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