Causes of Mental retardation

Causes of Mental retardation

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Causes of Mental retardation
Posted in 2017
Cause of Mental Retardation
One of my friend told me about a woman who is 22 years old and married but divorced...He told me as under and asks me the cause.
1. Woman is very beautiful.
2. She cannot accept or responds any relation excepts her family members i.e her parents and brothers or sisters.
3. After her marriage her parents sent to their in-laws house but she has not accepted or responds to her in-laws family including her husband and cries. Within one they sent to her parents house.
The same situation is repeated for more than 8 times. Finally the husband took divorced.
Doctor's Report
1. Her brain cells has not opened before her birth.
2. Her brain function is only 10 to 20%
3. She cannot responds to any person except her family members
My analysis
1. Brain cells does't received Oxygen to open because the mother has to supply it...I told you many times that the mother is able to have excess oxygen in her body. Every one on this universe takes 6 Lts of oxygen per minute. Firstly our body uses for digestion and remaining will be sent to various cells.
If mother consumes non Veg or oily or spicy food her body uses entire oxygen for digestion. So that she cannot supply oxygen to her baby so that many parts will not be developed.
2. Unborn child's body requires more oxygen, water and food to develop all parts. If any is insufficient the child will be defective.
3. In this case mother took heavy food as said above due to it the unborn child not received oxygen as required in Ist three months. Brain cells will be developed in 1st three months.
I advise every woman to take care of her food before and after conception for 3 months.
I wish every couple should enjoy with Healthy child...

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