Symptoms of Congenital heart disease

Symptoms of Congenital heart disease

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Symptoms of Congenital heart disease
Posted in 2014

A congenital heart defect is often detected during a pregnancy ultrasound. If your doctor hears an abnormal heartbeat, for instance, they may further investigate the issue by performing certain tests. These may include an echocardiogram, a chest X-ray, or an MRI scan. If a diagnosis is made, your doctor will make sure the appropriate specialists are available during delivery.
In some cases, the symptoms of a congenital heart defect may not appear until shortly after birth. Newborns with heart defects may experience:
  • bluish lips, skin, fingers, and toes
  • breathlessness or trouble breathing
  • feeding difficulties
  • low birth weight
  • chest pain
  • delayed growth
In other cases, the symptoms of a congenital heart defect may not appear until many years after birth. Once symptoms do develop, they may include:
  • abnormal heart rhythms
  • dizziness
  • trouble breathing
  • fainting
  • swelling
  • fatigue
My advise
1...   The child born with congenital heart problems will have less life span.
2...   If the child has blood pressure in his childhood it may lead to heart attack as his young age.
3...   When mother follows healthy habits before birth i.e. 1..  Eating healthy food so that her digestion will not consume more oxygen so that her child receives sufficient oxygen.  2.. Drinking sufficient water will help to flow blood and oxygen though out the body.
4..    When blood and oxygen flows in child's body freely the child may not have congenital heart problem
5..... I advise every pregnant woman to take healthy food and drink sufficient water to have a healthy child without congenital heart problems

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