Studies on Surrogacy -- Higher birth defects ... 2

Studies on Surrogacy -- Higher birth defects ...  2

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Studies on Surrogacy -- Higher birth defects ...  2
Posted in 2017

The studies note that overall risk of cancer wasn’t higher in children born through ART methods, but the risk of contracting leukemia and Hodgkin’s lymphoma was significantly higher in ART children, although the studied sample was notably small. Researchers speculate that this higher rate of disease such as leukemia in ART children may be related to the embryonic development in the intrauterine environment. However, parental age and genetic factors may also be playing a role in the presence of these diseases. These studies also examined the prevalence of developmental delays in ART children. According to the data, children conceived through ART methods were 27% more likely to get EI referrals compared to children conceived without any fertility issues. Researchers noted that while ART methods do suggest an increased risk, it is not significant enough to prevent the use of ART methods when attempting to conceive. Rather, researchers stated that an individual’s health and lifestyle is an important factor to consider prior to conception. 

My advise

1...   Surrogacy process is developed by the scientists for the woman whose uterus is removed due to health problems or other
2..... I really appreciate and thankful to all scientists who developed surrogacy process. which is helpful to all woman who cannot give birth to the child
3...  It is a process where eggs from a woman and sperm from a man are taken to fertile in a lab and fertile is inserted in another woman womb.  The child will grow in that woman and woman is called surrogacy mother.
4.... Most of surrogacy mothers are money minded and will not take proper precautions of child growing in her stomach.
5...  I suggest all woman to protect your uterus with healthy habits and give birth to a child..
6...  In case you have to give birth to the baby with Surrogacy mother then ask her to stay with you and you can give healthy food to surrogacy mother to have healthy child.

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