Your age may cause poor egg quality

Your age may cause  poor egg quality

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Your age may cause poor egg quality
Posted in 2013

EGG QUALITY may diminish the chances for Healthy child
Women become less likely to become pregnant and more likely to have
miscarriages because egg quality decreases as the number of remaining
eggs dwindle in number. These changes are most noted as she reaches her
mid-to-late 30s. Therefore, a woman’s age is the most accurate test of egg
quality. An important change in egg quality is the frequency of genetic
abnormalities called aneuploidy (too many or too few chromosomes in
the egg). At fertilization, a normal egg should have 23 chromosomes, so
that when it is fertilized by a sperm also having 23 chromosomes, the
resulting embryo will have the normal total of 46 chromosomes. As a
woman gets older, more and more of her eggs have either too few or too
many chromosomes. That means that if fertilization occurs, the embryo
also will have too many or too few chromosomes. Most people are
familiar with Down syndrome, a condition that results when the embryo
has an extra chromosome 21. Most embryos with too many or too few
chromosomes do not result in pregnancy at all or result in miscarriage.
This helps explain the lower chance of pregnancy and higher chance of
miscarriage in older women.
I advise every woman not to postpone for giving birth to Healthy child. It will diminish the chances due to Egg quality...Beside this every parent should take care their daughter from her child hood and provide Healthy food for Egg quality and giving Healthy atmosphere in her young age.

My advise
1.....   Most of couple wants to enjoy the life without children  due to it their age is advanced.
2....    Advance age of female may diminish the quality of her eggs and sperm quality also
3....    I advise every couple not to postpone to conceive.

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