You inhale Oxygen but exhale Carbon di oxide

You inhale Oxygen but exhale Carbon di oxide

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You inhale Oxygen but exhale Carbon di oxide
Posted in 2012

Most of us are not known what is Breathing...It is a process of our body to Inhale Oxygen and exhale Carbon di oxide. Every one knows it but most of us are not known how the Carbon di oxide enters in our body? In our primary education we learnt that when we exhale Carbon di oxide the plants will take it and gives Oxygen for us. 
we all get carbon from the air, but not by inhaling it. carbon gets fixated into the calvin cyle (an important reaction during photosynthesis) which in turn, helps provide the building blocks to let the plant grow..notice the C in C6H12O6....depending on ur eating habits, u can either get Carbon from eating vegetables or by eating animals who eat plants lol..well, during cellular respiration, this sugar that ur eating (C6H12O6) would need to be broken down. this 6 Carbon sugar is too large. so it would go through Glycolysis, which will break down the molecule into 2 separate molecules known as Pyruvate (pyruvic acid) which is a 3 carbon molecule...these 2 molecules, however, will need to be changed again in order to enter the citric acid cycle (krebs cycle) the 2 molecules of pyruvate will release 2 molecules of CO2 and form 2 molecules of Acetyl CoA...these 2 molecules will enter the krebs cycle and eventually, 4 molecules of CO2 will be released! then u exhale it lol...from this what ever we eat are comes from Plants or Trees. It will contain Carbon compounds and helpful to clean our body along with Oxygen. Our lungs plays major role to clean our body by inhale and exhale. God has created our body with great care and gives us to use it for 100 years but most us suffers with Health problems and leave the body body before our life span due to unhealthy habits, unhealthy food...I am explaining health and infertility topics daily to bring the causes of our health problems and to avoid defective child births. Pl follow healthy habits and enjoy with your Healthy family. What ever your body needs are available in your food which will avoid health and infertility problems..

My advise
1.....  Most of us dosn't know how carbon enters in our body
2...    Our main food is comes from plants, crops, trees ....................
3...    We learned in our basic education that what every we exhale carbon di oxide is taken by plants, trees, crops ....................  and gives Oxygen.
4.....  As I told that our main food comes from trees, plants ............... which contain carbon contents and while exhale it will mix with oxygen and comes from our body
5....   Oxygen helps to clean our body  cells and mixes with  carbon becomes carbon di oxide and will be emitted from our body while exhale.

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