Chances of defective child births ... 3

Chances of defective child births  ...  3

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Chances of defective child births  ...  3
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Women who are very thin—with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 19.8 (see Table: Determining body mass index—or weigh less than 100 pounds before becoming pregnant are more likely to have
  • Small, underweight babies

Overweight women (with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 before pregnancy) and obese women (with a BMI of more than 30) are more likely to have the following problems:
  • Very large babies (large for gestational age), which may be difficult to deliver
  • Babies who are born underweight (small for gestational age)
  • Babies with birth defects
  • Miscarriages and stillbirth
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Gestational hypertension (high blood pressure that first develops after 20 weeks of pregnancy)
  • Preeclampsia (gestational hypertension accompanied by protein in the urine)
  • A pregnancy that lasts 42 weeks or longer 
  • Need for a cesarean delivery

My advise
1....  The couple must maintain good health before conceiving.
2...    Due to over tensions or other during pregnancy hypertension may be developed which causes birth defects
3....   Preterm labor also cause of defective births
4...    Anemia before conceiving also cause of defective births
5...    Gestational diabetes developed during pregnancy if not controlled may cause defective births
6....   Woman age above 35 years also cause of defective child births
7...    I advise every couple to maintain positive relations, happy and follow healthy habits.
8...    Before conceiving every woman should maintain ideal weight other wise their child will be defective  i.e. overweight  or low weight
9...   When a woman is less than 4 feet it may cause birth defects

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