Unhealthy habits will cause Male Infertility

Unhealthy habits will cause Male Infertility

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Unhealthy habits will cause Male Infertility
Posted in 2014

Male infertility has many causes--from hormonal imbalances, to physical problems, to psychological and/or behavioral problems. Moreover, fertility reflects a man’s “overall” health. Men who live a healthy lifestyle are more likely to produce healthy sperm. The following list highlights some lifestyle choices that negatively impact male fertility--it is not all-inclusive: 
· Smoking--significantly decreases both sperm count and sperm cell motility.
· Prolonged use of marijuana and other recreational drugs.
· Chronic alcohol abuse.
· Anabolic steroid use--causes testicular shrinkage and infertility.
· Overly intense exercise--produces high levels of adrenal steroid hormones which cause a
testosterone deficiency resulting in infertility.
· Inadequate vitamin C and Zinc in the diet.
· Tight underwear--increases scrotal temperature which results in decreased sperm production.
· Exposure to environmental hazards and toxins such as pesticides, lead, paint, radiation, radioactive
substances, mercury, benzene, boron, and heavy metals
· Malnutrition and anemia.
· Excessive stress!
Modifying these behaviors can improve a man’s fertility and should be considered when a couple is trying to achieve pregnancy.
Modify your life style, follow healthy food, sound sleep for 5 hours, relaxing your self etc....If you follow this you can over come this problem...

My advise
1....  I observed unhealthy habits of male during my research and  found these are the causes of Infertility
2...   Our body possess self curing property to cure its health problems if we follow healthy habits.
3..... If you have small injury and at that time you are far away to reach a doctor, then band with a wet cloth around injury and see how it will cure.   It clearly indicated that our body can cure injury without medicine
4...   Leave unhealthy habits if any and follow healthy habits, healthy food.............

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