Research on fertility due to environment

Research on fertility due to environment

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Research on fertility due to environment
Posted in 2013

The following organisations have researched on Infertility due to Environment

1 MRC Human Reproductive Sciences Unit, Centre for Reproductive Biology, University of Edinburgh, Chancellor's Building, 49 Little France Crescent, Old Dalkieth Road, Edinburgh, EH16 4SB, 
2 Department of Reproductive Science and Medicine, Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology, Wolfson and Weston Research Centre for Family Health, Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital, London, W12 0NN,

The effects of adult lifestyle — primarily smoking and diet in women, and sedentary habits generally — are important factors affecting the fertility of men and women, and can also impact the fertility of their children. This review summarizes the effects of season, modern lifestyles and environmental chemicals on human fertility, and discusses the implications of these effects for future generations.

My advise
1...  What ever I am telling you about Infertility  is on research or scientific basis
2...   I will bring to your notice on above research
3...   Please note all points and leave any which causes your infertility

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