Research on environment effects on fertility ..1

Research on environment effects on fertility ..1

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Research on environment effects on fertility ..1
Posted in 2017

Our bodies evolved to be 'in tune' with their environment. This connection is vital for reproduction, as birth of the young must coincide with plentiful food, and thus a high chance of survival. Most mammals are therefore 'seasonal breeders' and switch their sexual behaviour and fertility on and off, guided by the amount of daylight (photoperiod), but influenced also by other factors, such as energy intake/balance (that is, availability of food). Although humans are not 'seasonal breeders' — we show sexual behaviour and reproduce all year round — our fertility is influenced profoundly by our environment, including season and food intake.
In recent years, the postulated threat to fertility from exposure to environmental 'endocrine disruptors' has loomed large, but proven examples are elusive. However, it has highlighted the vital role of endogenous hormones in foetal life, which ensures future fertility. Exposure to the wrong hormones (for example, a female foetus exposed to male hormones) or inadequate amounts of the hormone in question, and the reproductive system and genitalia may not develop correctly, with resultant fertility problems in adulthood. The hormones that control fertility (the sex hormones) are also influenced by other hormones, in particular those determined by our diet and sugar intake (for example, insulin)8. The progressive increase in obesity in many Western cultures therefore brings with it attendant fertility problems, mainly in women. Of more concern is that these 'lifestyle' problems in adult women can have effects even when they do achieve a pregnancy, as foetal development may be impaired and its future fertility may be compromised.
Factors determining fertility — importance of foetal life
Infertility is considered an 'adult problem', as this is when it manifests itself. However, many factors that impact on fertility have their origins much earlier in life, commonly during foetal development. To understand how (and when) infertility can arise, and what environmental factors can affect it, a useful starting point is the identification of key factors that determine whether a man or woman will be fertile, and when these are established.

My advise
1....  Our environment plays major role on our health including fertility
2....  We are using cell phones which emit radiation and decreases fertility in male n female
3...   The persons working in chemical industries or residing near to chemical industries decreases their fertility
4....  Pollution also negatively effect on fertility
5....  If you are working in chemical industries tell your management to put small plants around the industries will to get fresh oxygen which nullify negative effect on your health.. 
6....  Put small plants in your house to get fresh oxygen
7...   Leave smoking, alcohol, ghutka .............habits
8...   As possible as stay away from cell phone as cell phone radiation will diminish your sperm or eggs quality

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