Vitamin D deficiency in your pregnancy

Vitamin D deficiency in your pregnancy 

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Vitamin D deficiency in your pregnancy
Posted in 2013

Vitamin D deficiency in your Pregnancy may cause Bones Problem to your child
Your body needs vitamin D to maintain proper levels of calcium and phosphorus, which help build your baby's bones and teeth. A vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy can cause growth retardation and skeletal deformities. It may also have an impact on birth weight.
If you're lacking vitamin D during pregnancy, your baby may be short on the vitamin at birth. This can put her at risk for rickets (which can lead to fractures and deformity), abnormal bone growth, and delayed physical development. And the results can be long lasting: Researchers believe that a vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy can affect bone development and immune function from birth through adulthood.
A deficiency of vitamin D has also been linked to a greater risk of pregnancy complications, including preeclampsia, and a higher likelihood of an expectant mom needing a c-section.
Pregnant adult women and nursing mothers need 600 IU of vitamin D every day, and teen mothers need 800 IU daily.
During pregnancy, a woman is eating for two. The growing fetus gets its nutrition entirely from the mother. If she doesn’t have what it needs, she can’t give it to the fetus. The fetal needs occur when the key structures of the fetus are being formed. Extreme deficiencies of important nutrients can cause deformities in the fetus; for example, folate deficiency causes neural tube defects.
You can have Vitamin D in your Healthy food and Sun Rays

My advise
1...   Your body and your child's body need Vitamin D daily
2...   Your body needs Vitamin D for maintaining your health and your child's body need to form healthy bone structure
3...   If lack of Vitamin D to your child the may be born defective particularly bone structure
4.    Vitamin D is freely available in Sun light ...
5.    Expose your body a. If you are fair color...15 to 25 minutes   b. If you are dark color.....25 to 45 minutes daily in sunlight    
6.    You can get in your Healthy food also   
7.    Wait to enjoy with your healthy child

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