Effects of Tobacco Products chewing

Effects of Tobacco Products chewing

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Effects of Tobacco Products chewing
Posted in 2015

Chewing Tobacco May Harm Sperm
Men who chew tobacco may be doing harm to their reproductive health, says a group of doctors in a new, international study.1
"The main drive of our study was to direct the public attention towards an important side effect of tobacco chewing," explained study leader Ashok Agarwal, PhD, at the Cleveland Clinic's Glickman Urological Institute, in an interview with Priority Healthcare. "For the first time, we describe the negative effects of tobacco chewing on male fertility. This correlation is of considerable importance, as tobacco chewing is very common among young males who are in the reproductive age group."
Not only smoking but consuming any kind of Tobocco products may cause infertility in Men... So leave this habit.

I have personally seen many people whose throat or tongue or vocal chord ........removed due to damage of these parts with chewing of Tobacco products like Ghutka...  I advise every one to avoid this chewing Tobacco products to protect above parts.

My advise
1...  Every one knows that the smoking may cause health problem ...lungs, heart..........
2.... Cigarette smoke is Toxic Mix of more than 7000 out of it 250 are poisonous and 70 cause Cancer
3...  Smoking of a woman during pregnancy  has the chances of miscarriage, still birth, ectopic pregnancy .............. If the woman is not smoking and her husband is smoking still she has the risks as above as she is second hand smoker'
4...  Smoking can cause Placenta previa risk i.e closing of uterine cervix which causes cesarean section.
5.... Smoking can cause premature rupture of Amniotic Membranes
6.... Her child will not receive Oxygen as needed due to it the child may be defective.
7..    Chewing of Tobacco products is very dangerous than smoking...  It will not only effect on your fertility but also effects on many parts of your body such as tongue, throat, vocal chord, many of your body parts...  

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