Effect of smoking on fertility ... 7

Effect of smoking on fertility ...  7

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Effect of smoking on fertility ...  7
Posted in 2014

More Smoking Leads to Longer Time to Conception

Research has also found that the more cigarettes a woman smokes a day, the longer she will take to get pregnant.
According to one study, which looked at just over 4,000 women, after three and a half months of trying to get pregnant, almost 60 percent of non-smokers had achieved pregnancy. For women who smoked one to ten cigarettes a day, around 50 percent had achieved pregnancy. For women who smoked over ten cigarettes per day, only 45 percent had achieved pregnancy after three and a half months.
If quitting completely does not seem to be in the cards for you, cutting back is still worth trying for.

My advise

1...  Every one knows that the smoking may cause health problem ...lungs, heart..........
2.... Cigarette smoke is Toxic Mix of more than 7000 out of it 250 are poisonous and 70 cause Cancer
3...  Smoking of a woman during pregnancy  has the chances of miscarriage, still birth, ectopic pregnancy .............. If the woman is not smoking and her husband is smoking still she has the risks as above as she is second hand smoker'
4...  Smoking can cause Placenta previa risk i.e closing of uterine cervix which causes cesarean section.
5.... Smoking can cause premature rupture of Amniotic Membranes
6.... Her child will not receive Oxygen as needed due to it the child may be defective.

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