Cause of defective births

Cause of defective births

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Cause of defective births
Posted in 2015

Cause of Defective births
God has created our body and animals with great care. Before creating he created air, water and food. According to their structure of all animals are taking air, water and food from the nature as required. Every one has to live healthy till the last breath and give birth to the child and pass away so that world remains with all animals and human beings. All animals are following this principle and living without health problems giving birth to their child. But we are not following this principle and suffering from various health problems from first breath to last besides we are giving birth to the child with various birth defects even doctor's cannot cure. I salute all doctors and scientists who are serving for our health. 

As per my research you can avoid defective birth if you follow
1. Air::Our lungs are designed by the God to take OXYGEN 6 liters...per minute. For digestion of our food requires OXYGEN.
You have to take care of your food so as to minimize its consumption and remaining will be useful to your unborn child's development.
2...Water::As required to your body and unborn child
3...Healthy food::You should take care of your food which will be sufficient to your body and unborn child. Your healthy food will contain all needed nutrients to U and Ur unborn child.
Follow and wait to see your Healthy child.....

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