Water will improve your chances to conceive

Water will improve your chances to conceive

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Water will improve your chances to conceive
Posted in 2012

Water improves your chances of getting Pregnancy
Water is one of the most basic nutrients for all body processes, getting pregnant included. By making sure you are drinking enough water, you can help improve your chances of getting pregnant.
Fact about drinking enough water
The fact is, if drinking enough water is important for regular body processes and functions, you can guarantee that drinking enough water will be EVEN more important for women who are actively trying to get pregnant. First of all, your overall health is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not you will be able to get pregnant. By drinking enough water, you will improve and maintain your overall health, which is an important part of getting pregnant. Water helps your body function in all of its processes, ovulation, fertilization, and pregnancy included!
Waters helps uterus health
Water supports a ton of reproductive processes as well. By drinking enough water, you can ensure that your uterus is healthy enough for an embryo to implant. If an embryo fails to implant, it can result in a miscarriage, so it is important to do everything you can to keep your uterus healthy and ready to carry a baby should you become pregnant.
Waters helps egg health
Drinking enough water also helps to keep your body nourished and nutritionally balanced. Keeping your body healthy will ensure that in turn, your eggs are also healthy. Healthy eggs grow into health babies, so make sure to drink enough water to keep your eggs healthy also.
Waters helps cervical mucus
Drinking enough water can also help to increase your cervical mucus. Cervical mucus is very important when getting pregnant, since the cervical mucus is what the sperm attach to on their journey to the egg. Without enough cervical mucus, the sperm won’t survive and therefore won’t be able to fertilize the egg!

Your life partners sperm is also important.  For that tell your partner to drink water and eat healthy food.
I told U many times that your body needs 1. Air 2. Water and 3. Healthy food not more than this. Everything is available in our nature. All animals are following the nature principle and are giving birth to their child naturally. I am unable to understand why we are not following nature's principle and suffering from Infertility problems.

My advise
1.....  You must have healthy uterus and healthy eggs to conceive successfully.
2....   Your uterus and eggs are healthy only when you drink sufficient water
3....   Your body releases healthy eggs only when you eat healthy food containing all needed nutrients.
4...    Drink sufficient water and eat healthy food to improve the chances to conceive

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