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Benefits of eating Fertility diet

Benefits of eating Fertility diet Brought to U....       and My memories Benefits of eating Fertility diet Posted in 2015 These following are the benefits of eating Fertility diet Provides antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which help to protect egg and sperm health from the damage caused by free-radicals. Helps the body maintain hormonal balance by providing the fats needed for hormone production and function. Provides the body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients needed for optimal health. May decrease the chances of a miscarriage due to insulin resistance and damage from free-radicals to the ova (eggs), sperm, and DNA. Helps to build important nutrient stores for pregnancy. Supports a healthy reproductive system. Promotes energy and vitality. My advise 1...    Research from the Nurses' Health Study – which began in 1976 and grew to include 238,000 female nurse participants aged

Know the facts about attachment with your child

Know the facts about attachment with your child Brought to U....       and My memories Know the facts about attachment with your child Posted in 2013 Myths and facts about baby bonding and secure attachment Myth: “My baby is attached to me because I gave birth to him or her.” Fact: Infants have independent nervous systems that may be different from yours. What makes you feel good may not be the same thing that makes your infant feel good. So unless you look and listen to your infant’s emotional cues, you won’t understand his or her individual needs. Myth: “Secure attachment and love are the same thing.” Fact: Bonding and attachment happen instinctively between mothers and babies, but, unfortunately, loving your baby doesn't automatically result in secure attachment. Secure attachment develops from your ability to manage your stress, respond to your baby's cues, and successfully soothe your infant. My

Natural Nutritional for healing

Natural Nutritional for healing Brought to U....       and My memories Natural Nutritional for healing Posted in 2015 Nature has created foods to help nourish and feed the body. When the body is optimally nourished and unhealthy foods are avoided, the body is then able to repair and rebuild itself. This is very helpful for fertility, especially if there is an underlying imbalance or fertility issue. The cells in the body are constantly dying off and new cells are being created to replace the old cells. This is occurring in every orga n, muscle, tissue, etc., of the body constantly. The building blocks of these new cells are provided from the foods that you are consuming. The Natural Fertility Diet is also designed to help support a healthy body, which in turn can heal itself and create healthier cells. My advise 1... God has created the nature and every animal is following nature to cure it problems and to c

The Science behind Natural Fertility diet

The Science behind Natural Fertility diet Brought to U....       and My memories The Science behind Natural Fertility diet Posted on 21st March 2015 The Natural Fertility Diet suggestions are an accumulation of scientific research, nutritional data, and dietary practices of the most fertile tribes and peoples in history, as well as dietary practices which are known to reduce complications during pregnancy. Harvard Research Harvard performed a recent study that showed an 80% decrease in infertility with lifestyle changes made by switching to a fertility diet. Women who followed a combination of five or more lifestyle factors, including changing specific aspects of their diets, experienced more than 80 percent less relative risk of infertility due to ovulatory disorders compared to women who engaged in none of the factors, according to a paper published in Obstetrics & Gynecology. The women with the hig

Secure attachment bond with your child

Secure attachment bond with your child Brought to U....       and My memories Secure attachment bond with your child Posted in 2014 The attachment bond is the unique emotional relationship between your baby and you as his or her primary caretaker. This wordless interactive emotional exchange draws the two of you together, ensuring that your infant will feel safe and be calm enough to experience optimal development of their nervous system. The attachment bond is a key factor in the way your infant's brain org anizes itself and influences your child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. The quality of the attachment bond varies. A secure bond provides your baby with an optimal foundation for life: eagerness to learn, healthy self-awareness, trust, and consideration for others. An insecure attachment bond, one that fails to meet your infant’s need for safety and understanding, can lea

Natural Fertility diet

Natural Fertility diet Brought to U....       and My memories Natural Fertility diet Posted in 2015 Eating a fertility diet in preparation for pregnancy and to boost fertility is one of the most powerful health changes you can make. Numerous studies have shown that specific changes to the diet can improve fertility, prevent recurrent miscarriage, and support a healthy pregnancy. Although we generally recommend beginning your journey to a healthy pregnancy with a fertility cleanse to remove excess toxins from a poor diet, nutrition plays a vital role when it comes to having a healthy body and reproductive system. The building blocks for hormones are found in the foods we eat. Antioxidants, which help to protect the egg and sperm from free radicals, are found in the foods that we eat. Just as nutrients in food can be helpful for fertility, there are some foods and chemicals added to foods that can be harmful for your heal

Fertility diet

Fertility diet Brought to U....       and My memories Fertility diet Posted in 2015 what exactly is a fertility diet? A Natural Fertility Diet is a way of eating that is supporting your body in its reproductive efforts. It includes foods which are dense in specific nutrients needed for hormonal function, production and balance, fetal development, egg health, sperm health, blood health, and much more. It is a diet that is designed to help your body to balance fertility issues that may exist, build up nutrient stores a nd provide all of the building blocks for a healthy child. It is also a diet that is focused on giving you and your future child the best start in life. Why Eat A Natural Fertility Diet? Did you know that there are specific nutrients that are needed by the young fetus before you can even detect pregnancy and that a deficiency in these nutrients could cause serious birth defects? Did you know that the foods

Extreme Exercise is also cause of Infertility

Extreme Exercise is also cause of Infertility Brought to U....       and My memories Extreme Exercise is also cause of Infertility Posted on  30th October 2016 Extreme exercise Working out helps keep you slim, strong, and full of energy—all important when you're trying to get pregnant. Thing is, you can overdo it: "If you're exercising too much it can have a negative impact on ovulation," says Dr. Schlaff. It's not just an issue that affects very thin athletes, either. A 2012 study published in  Fertility and Sterility found that normal-weight women who exercised vigorously for more than five hours a week had a harder time getting pregnant. The most obvious sign of a potential problem is a change in menstrual cycle, says Dr. Schlaff. "It doesn't have to go away completely, either," he says. "If you notice that it becomes lighter or shorter, you should talk to your doctor about t

Medical experts advise on Fertility

Medical experts advise on Fertility Brought to U....       and My memories Medical experts advise on Fertility Posted in April 2018 Many doctors recommend that women of childbearing age who are not using contraception take a prenatal vitamin daily. At the very least, women who are planning a pregnancy should take a prenatal vitamin at least a month before trying to conceive. A higher than usual dose of folic acid may be recommended for certain women, depending on the medications they take and other medical conditions they have. Doctors a lso recommend the following to maximize the chances of a healthy pregnancy: Try to maintain a healthy weight prior to conception. Obese women have a higher risk of complications. Avoid excessive vitamins before conception. Too much vitamin A, for example, can be bad for a developing fetus. Consider seeing your doctor for a “preconception” visit to review what you can do to optimize your cha

Know when you are giving birth to a child

Know when you are giving birth to a child Brought to U....       and My memories Know when you are giving birth to a child Posted in 2016 A new baby can make cooking a simple dinner difficult, let alone maintaining a marriage or relationship. According to Pamela Jordan, PhD., whether or not you succeed depends on the communication taking place long before the child is even born. "What's absolutely essential is two partners make a decision together to have a child," she says. Jordan specializes in parental relationships and teaches couples how to prepare for a baby. In addition to her position as associate professor in the Department of Family and Child Nursing at University of Washington, Jordan is also the developer of the Becoming Parents Program, which helps expecting mothers and fathers embrace realistic expectations about parenthood and how it will impact their relationship with one another. She took

Your responsibility about your child

Your responsibility about your child Brought to U....       and My memories Your responsibility about your child Posted in 2014 Responsibility for the physical and emotional health of a baby is a heavy burden to place on a pregnant mother already worried about keeping her baby safe from a confusing world. Not only must she abstain from polluted foods and try to avoid polluted air, now she must guard against polluted thoughts! Relax! Take reasonable measures to rid your life of tension, take time to rest and revel in positiv e emotions as you bond with your unborn baby, but understand that there is reason to be concerned only about emotional problems that are serious and last throughout the pregnancy. Do whatever you can to bond with your unborn baby to be sure your baby gets the best emotional start. Remember that emotions, positive or negative, are more intense during pregnancy. Resolve stresses quickly, i

Fertility and food

Fertility and food Brought to U....       and My memories Fertility and food Posted in 2018 Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School have just published a review of past studies that examined the impact of diet on fertility. Here’s what they found. For women trying to become pregnant naturally (without “assistive reproductive technologies” such as in vitro fertilization), the following vitamins and nutrients were linked to positive effects on fertility: folic acid vitamin B12 omega-3 fatty acids healthy diets (such as the Mediterranean diet) On the other hand, antioxidants, vitamin D, dairy products, soy, caffeine, and alcohol appeared to have little or no effect on fertility in this review. Trans fat and “unhealthy diets” (those “rich in red and processed meats, potatoes, sweets, and sweetened beverages”) were found to have negative effects. Studies of men h