Know about Kidney functions

Know about Kidney functions

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Know about Kidney functions
Posted in 2014

The kidneys play a critical role in the body: Acting as the body's filtering system, they help control water levels and eliminate wastes through urine (pee). They also help regulate blood pressure, red blood cell production, and the levels of calcium and minerals.
But sometimes the kidneys don't develop properly and, as a result, don't function as they should. Often these problems are genetic and not due to anything a parent did or didn't do.
Many of these problems can be diagnosed before a baby is born through routine prenatal testing and treated with medication or surgery while the child is still young. Other problems may appear later, with symptoms such as urinary tract infections (UTIs), growth problems, or high blood pressure (hypertension).
In some cases, the problems can be severe and require surgical treatment.
My advise
1...  Kidneys play very important role to eliminate unwanted present in blood through urine.
2...  Kidneys filter 3 liters of blood per hour, if it doesn't work we may be sick.
3...  Water you drink will mixed with blood  move your entire body and  collect unwanted present in blood and send to purify blood to kidneys then our kidneys purify blood every minute and any harmful to our health will be sent out with urine.
4.....If you don't drink sufficient water then unwanted will be stored in your kidneys and spoil your kidneys
5..   When kidneys spoils we need to transplant it with healthy kidney.
6...   If you doesn't receive healthy kidney you may  ..........................................
7....  I advise every one to drink sufficient water to protect your kidneys and health
8...   When pregnant woman don't drink sufficient water the child's kidneys may spoil before birth and he may face many health problems.

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