Birth defects .... Hearing

Birth defects .....  Hearing

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Birth defects ...hearing
Posted on 8th June 2018
Dr.Gitesh sent this photo stating that. .......Good evening sir
Birth defect .
Renuka Behera 13 years old : Unable to talk & hear , naturally .
She can't talk loudelly , speak slow with clear voice , and slow sound can't absorbed .
She can write and read with beautiful handwriting as she is .
Congenital hearing loss means hearing loss that is present at birth. Causes of hearing loss in newborns include:
infections, such as rubella or herpes simplex virus
premature birth
low birth weight
birth injuries
drug and alcohol use while pregnant
jaundice and Rh factor problems
maternal diabetes
high blood pressure while pregnant, called preeclampsia
the baby not having enough oxygen, called anoxia
Every couple should control Diabetes, Hypertension and jaundice before conceiving. They should leave drugs and alcohol before conceiving.
In all my articles I focused on OXYGEN... To get sufficient oxygen to your child you should minimize your consumption for your body needs.. It is only possible with your Healthy food.
Once again I advise every couple to follow healthy habits to have Healthy child.
My advise
1.... Causes of sensorineural hearing loss:
Excessive noise exposure
Viral infections (such as measles or mumps)
Ototoxic drugs (medications that damage hearing)
High fever or elevated body temperature
Ménière's disease (a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance)
Acoustic tumors
2.. Causes of conductive hearing loss are typically “obstructions” such as:
Infections of the ear canal or middle ear resulting in fluid or pus buildup
Perforation or scarring of the eardrum
Wax buildup
Dislocation of the middle ear bones (ossicles)
Foreign object in the ear canal
Otosclerosis (an abnormal bone growth in the middle ear)
Abnormal growths or tumors
3........ My opinion is " Prevention always better than Cure"
4........ From the beginning I told how to avoid birth defects.
5....... Every time I am telling that OXYGEN is important to avoid birth defect. In this case also Oxygen is not sufficient to the child before birth.
6 ... I don't believe in Genetics... That is the reason I am not giving causes as per genetics.
Brought to U......
Brought to U......


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