Research on environment effects on fertility .. 12

Research on environment effects on fertility .. 12

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Research on environment effects on fertility .. 12
Posted 2017

Future perspectives

Environmental and lifestyle factors look set to become increasingly influential on human fertility if increasing trends in obesity, female smoking and sedentation at work/leisure continue. Such factors, coupled with a trend to delay first pregnancies to an older age, are likely to result in an increased incidence of infertility, especially in women. However, as many of these effects are on the foetus during pregnancy, their manifestation may be 'hidden' for several decades. Arguably, all such effects are preventable by changes in diet and lifestyle.
Ultimately, all environmental/lifestyle effects on fertility, whether induced in foetal or adult life, result from hormonal changes. Genetic differences (for example SULT1E1 polymorphisms) may predispose some individuals to hormonal perturbation, and this emerging area is likely to become increasingly influential on our thinking. It has also become increasingly apparent that all hormonal (endocrine) systems have 'rippling' effects on other endocrine systems, which is why diet and season can affect fertility. Understanding the complex pathways through which these ripples work, and how common environmental chemicals can affect them, present intriguing challenges to biomedicine in an age when the focus is on genes rather than the whole body. A failure of science to meet this challenge and of individuals to amend their diet/lifestyle will hand the poisoned chalice of infertility to the next generation.

My advise
1....  Our environment plays major role on our health including fertility
2....  We are using cell phones which emit radiation and decreases fertility in male n female
3...   The persons working in chemical industries or residing near to chemical industries decreases their fertility
4....  Pollution also negatively effect on fertility
5....  If you are working in chemical industries tell your management to put small plants around the industries will to get fresh oxygen which nullify negative effect on your health.. 
6....  Put small plants in your house to get fresh oxygen
7...   Leave smoking, alcohol, ghutka .............habits
8...   As possible as stay away from cell phone as cell phone radiation will diminish your sperm or eggs quality

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