Chances of defective child births ... 6

Chances of defective child births ...  6

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Chances of defective child births ...  6
Posted in 2014

Women who had a baby with a genetic disorder or birth defect are more likely to have another baby with a similar problem.   Genetic testing of the baby, even if stillborn, and of both parents may be appropriate before another pregnancy is attempted. If these women become pregnant again, tests such as high-resolution  ultrasonography, chronic villus sampling and amniocentesis may help determine whether the fetus has a genetic disorder or birth defect. These women may be referred to a specialist.
Having had five or more pregnancies increases the risk of very rapid labor and excessive bleeding after delivery.
Having had twins or more fetuses in one pregnancy increases the risk of the following:
  • Underweight babies
  •   Premature or preterm delivery
  • A placenta that detaches too soon
  • Birth defects
  • Stillbirth or death of the newborn
  • After delivery, vaginal bleeding in the mother

Disorders Present Before Pregnancy

Before becoming pregnant, women may have a disorder that can increase the risk of problems during pregnancy. These disorders include
  •  High blood pressure
    • Diabetes
    • Kidney disorders
  • Kidney stones or other
  •  Kidney infections
  •   Heart failure
  •   Sikle cell anemia
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
Women who have one of these disorders should talk with a doctor and try to get in the best physical condition possible before they become pregnant. After they become pregnant, they may need special care, often from an interdisciplinary team. The team may include an obstetrician (who may also be a specialist in the disorder), a specialist in the disorder, and other health care practitioners (such as nutritionists).

Your healthy habits will only protect against any health problems and eat healthy food to protect your self and your child.

My advise
1....  The couple must maintain good health before conceiving.
2...    Due to over tensions or other during pregnancy hypertension may be developed which causes birth defects
3....   Preterm labor also cause of defective births
4...    Anemia before conceiving also cause of defective births
5...    Gestational diabetes developed during pregnancy if not controlled may cause defective births
6....   Woman age above 35 years also cause of defective child births
7...    I advise every couple to maintain positive relations, happy and follow healthy habits.
8...    Before conceiving every woman should maintain ideal weight other wise their child will be defective  i.e. overweight  or low weight
9...   When a woman is less than 4 feet it may cause birth defects

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