Every couple can avoid unfortunate incidents

Every couple can avoid unfortunate incidents

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Every couple can avoid unfortunate incidents
Posted in 2015

Every couple can avoid unfortunate and unexpected incidents
A woman aged 24 years given birth to Healthy child just after two days . She lost breath due to pain in her Chest and could not take breath. I inquired the dr. he told me the above. According to my analysis
1. She has not taken any proper food, she has taken the food which will create Cholestrol in her body.
2. The birth of the child according to time of birth clearly indicate that will not have relation with her mother...though the mother's life span is about 80 years.
I clearly mentioned in my blogs HEALTH AND INFERTILITY---Infertility and Healthy child
4. The Time, Day,Star position must be favorable to both wife and husband for Sex to give
5. The favorable time will give the baby as well as the mother good physique, mental ability
It pained me very lot and I pray the God to give Long life to the child with Health. Every couple should take Healthy food, and follow favorable time to give birth to the child to avoid unfortunate and unexpected incidents. I advise every couple to have SEX during your auspicious Time because it will give U healthy and brilliant child and avoid unfortunate incidents..

My advise
1...   Every couple should follow healthy habits to avoid birth defects
2....  If mother takes  heavy food, oily food .................... during her pregnancy the entire oxygen in her body is used to digest the food so that the child will not receive as needed which results birth defects mentally or physically
3...   I advise every woman who wish to have a Healthy child should take only healthy food  so that her child receives sufficient oxygen as needed... The child will  be very genius

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