Chances of defective child births ... 5

Chances of defective child births ... 5

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Chances of defective child births ... 5
Posted in 2014

Problems in a Previous Pregnancy

When women have had a problem in one pregnancy, they are more likely to have a problem, often the same one, in subsequent pregnancies. Such problems include having had any of the following:
  • A premature baby
  • An underweight baby 
  • A baby that weighed more than 10 pounds 
  • A baby with birth defects
  • A previous miscarriage
  • A late  delivery (after 42 weeks of pregnancy)
  •  Rh incompatibility that required a blood transfusion to the fetus
  • Labor that required a cesarean delivery
  • A baby who died shortly before or after birth
  • Too much amniotic fluid in the uterus
  • A fetus in an abnormal position, such as buttocks first (breech)
  • A baby whose shoulder gets caught in the birth canal
  • A baby with an injury that stretched the nerves in the baby's shoulder (brachial plexus injury) during delivery
  • A previous pregnancy with more than one fetus
  • A    seizure disorder
Women may have a condition that tends to make the same problem recur. For example, women with diabetes are more likely to have babies that weigh more than 10 pounds at birth.

Most above require positive thinking, healthy habits to avoid.   Develop and practice positive thinking before conceiving n continue till delivery to avoid.

My advise
1....  The couple must maintain good health before conceiving.
2...    Due to over tensions or other during pregnancy hypertension may be developed which causes birth defects
3....   Preterm labor also cause of defective births
4...    Anemia before conceiving also cause of defective births
5...    Gestational diabetes developed during pregnancy if not controlled may cause defective births
6....   Woman age above 35 years also cause of defective child births
7...    I advise every couple to maintain positive relations, happy and follow healthy habits.
8...    Before conceiving every woman should maintain ideal weight other wise their child will be defective  i.e. overweight  or low weight
9...   When a woman is less than 4 feet it may cause birth defects

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