Birth defects .... Mentally inactive

Birth defects... Mentally inactive

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Birth defects....Mentally inactive
Posted in May 2018

I told you about Oxygen and water are important to develop child's before birth.
Dr.Gitesh sent this photo stating that ....She is haripriya 9 year old ... Birth defect
Behavioral disturbance. Nervus debility , lake of concentration, sluggish mamory ...I am explaining how to avoid birth defects since few years but the couple's are not taking precaution to avoid birth defects
I told U that our brain has millions of cells which work on different issues such as thinking, memory, functions of the body etc... Every cell has to be developed before birth so that the child is possess every quality..intelligent, memory, fast action, physically active as all some cells indicate physical activities.
Please note
1... Child's brain develop before 5th month of pregnancy.
2.. The brain has more than 60% of water to activate all cells . The mother should supply required water to the unborn child.daily.
3... To open all cells it needs sufficient Oxygen.. I told U many times times that every one will take 6 Lts of Oxygen per minute. Our body sent 120 ml to brain, heart and kidney per breath to functions properly. The number of breaths indicates how much your body is receiving oxygen per breath..The remaining will be used for digestion, blood cleaning, proper functions of all parts. The pregnant has to take care of her food so that Oxygen consumption for digestion of her food and her body needs so that the sufficient oxygen can be sent to the child's brain and body needs.
4... The mother has to choose the food which will consume minimum oxygen.
In this case I noticed that the child din't receive water and oxygen as needed which results the birth defects of the child.
Once again I am advising to all aspirant couples to have Healthy and Brilliant child should note the above and take proper precautions before child's birth.
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