Why the child born with mentally retarded?

Why the child born with mentally retarded?

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Why the child born with mentally retarded?
Posted in 2015

Why the child born with mentally retarded?
Intellectual disability (ID), once called mental retardation, is characterized by below-average intelligence or mental ability and a lack of skills necessary for day-to-day living. People with intellectual disabilities can and do learn new skills, but they learn them more slowly. There are varying degrees of intellectual disability, from mild to profound.
What is intellectual disability?
Someone with intellectual disability has limitations in two areas. These areas are:
Intellectual functioning. Also known as IQ, this refers to a person’s ability to learn, reason, make decisions, and solve problems.
Adaptive behaviors. These are skills necessary for day-to-day life, such as being able to communicate effectively, interact with others, and take care of oneself.
What are the signs of intellectual disability in children?
There are many different signs of intellectual disability in children. Signs may appear during infancy, or they may not be noticeable until a child reaches school age. It often depends on the severity of the disability. Some of the most common signs of intellectual disability are:
Rolling over, sitting up, crawling, or walking late
Talking late or having trouble with talking
Slow to master things like potty training, dressing, and feeding himself or herself
Difficulty remembering things
Inability to connect actions with consequences
Behavior problems such as explosive tantrums
Difficulty with problem-solving or logical thinking
My analysis as per Medical Astrology
Scientific causes for mentally retarded
1...  The child has to receive sufficient Oxygen to open all cell before 5th month of pregnancy
2...  The child brain cell are needed water to activate and function well.   the mother  has to supply water as needed to the unborn child.
3...  Take care of your food to minimize your body consumption so that child will receive Oxygen as needed.
I have seen in many families that 1. all are mentally retarded except one 2. all are Brilliants except one who is mentally handicapped.
I discussed about these with many Medical Experts...they Said it is due to Genetics. I am not satisfied their answer and I researched through Medical Astrology principles and found the cause. As per Medical Astrology the child birth will depend on
1.Birth time of couples 2. Their birth periods 3. Their food habits, life style etc... and 4. Their time of sex causes for their defective childbirth....Your child birth is with in your hands. You can give birth to a child as you wish..Think and act to enjoy with your Healthy child..Brought to you http://successgain.us


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