Essential Nutrients ..1

Essential Nutrients ..1

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Essential Nutrients ..1
Posted in 2013


Carbohydrates are the main energy source for the brain. Without carbohydrates, the body could not function properly. Sources include fruits, breads and grains, starchy vegetables and sugars. Make at least half of the grains you consume whole grains. Whole grains and fruit are full of fiber, which reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and helps maintain normal blood glucose levels.


Protein is the major structural component of cells and is responsible for the building and repair of body tissues. Protein is broken down into amino acids, which are building blocks of protein. Nine of the 20 amino acids, known as essential amino acids, must be provided in the diet as they cannot be synthesized in the body. Ten to 35 percent of your daily calories should come from lean protein sources such as low-fat meat, dairy, beans or eggs.

My advise
1...  All essential nutrients are available in your food
2...  You have to select it and eat to meet the requirement of your body
3..   The excess nutrients in you food will be stored in your body for 3 to 4 days and remaining will be sent out
4.    Healthy food helps to build resistance of your body to fight with kind of Infections

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