Adapt walking though out your Pregnancy

Adapt walking though out your Pregnancy

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Adapt walking though out your Pregnancy
Posted in 2015

First trimester 
You won't need to stray too far from your usual walking habits. Wear walking shoes or any comfortable shoes, to give your feet the support they need. When you're walking, place your heel on the ground first, and then roll on to your toes, rather than placing your feet flat on the ground. 

If it's hot and humid outside, give brisk walking a miss, or slow your pace. Or try another form of exercise, such as swimming 

Second trimester
You will probably feel more energetic now than you felt in your first trimester, and walking may seem easier. You may even be able to increase the distance that you walk. However, you may feel more clumsy now that your bump is starting to show. 

Keep your back straight, your head and chin level, and your eyes on what lies ahead. You can swing your arms to aid balance and intensify your workout, if you like. Keeping a good posture when you walk will ensure that you don't strain your back

You may notice that the way you walk is changing now, and you may waddle slightly. This is because your body is adjusting to all the changes that are happening to you. Your  hips and ankles are doing a lot of the work, so they may ache if you overdo things. Listen to your body, and don't walk to the point of exhaustion. 

If you're struggling to carry on a conversation while you're walking, slow down a bit, or consider walking for shorter periods.

Third trimester
Keep walking for as long as you can, though you may want to avoid steep or uneven paths that could put you off-balance. If you have any pelvic or back pain while walking, talk to your doctor. She will advise you on what you can do. If necessary, she may ask you to see a physiotherapist.

My advise
1..  Walking is good for you and helpful to your unborn child to grow healthy.
2..  I advise you to walk between 7 to 8 AM  or  after 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM.  In Sun Light you will get sufficient Vitamin D.
3.. Walking is helpful to U and Ur unborn child to keep Healthy.

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