Major causes of Female Infertility

Major causes of Female Infertility

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Major causes of Female Infertility
Posted in 2014

  • Female Infertility Due To Ovulation Troubles: Monthly release of the egg from the woman's ovaries is the most important aspect of her fertility. There can be many reasons that trouble this ovulation like PCOS
  • Female Infertility Due To Fallopian Tube and Womb Difficulties: Both of these organs play a very important role in conceiving. As fallopian tube is the organ that carries the eggs to the womb and it is in this tube that the egg is fertilised and then fixed to the wall of the womb, any damage in both these organs can cause infertility.
  • Female Infertility Due To Tumours: Cancerous as well as benign tumours beneath the wall of the womb can also become the hindrances on the path of fertility.

My advise
1...  Ovulation Problems can be solved with your healthy life style
2...  If fellopian tubes blocked to some extent it will be cleared.... I suggest to fertile your eggs n sperm in laboratory and insert in woman's womb.
3...  I don't suggest to conceive if the woman has tumors.   Follow healthy habits, healthy food etc... and wait till tumors are cured.

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