Disabled persons in Japan

Disabled persons in Japan

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Disabled persons in Japan
Posted in 2015

The Number of Disabled Persons in Japan (as of November 1996)
According the Survey on Physically Disabled Persons of 1996, the Survey on Mentally Retarded Persons of 1995 and the Survey on Mentally Disabled Patients, the total number of disabled persons in Japan is estimated as follows.
1. Estimated Number of Disabled Persons
Total Number5,136,500 (about 4.3% of total Japanese Population)
Physically disabled persons3,176,500
Mentally retarded persons390,000
Mentally disabled persons1,570,000

2. Number of Physically Disabled Persons and Children
-under 18over 18Total
Living in Institution7,900154,000161,900
Living in Community81,6002,933,0003,014,600

3. Categories of Physical Disabilities and Numbers of Physically Disabled Persons over 18 Years Living in Community
Motor dysfunction (limb and body)1,657,000 (56,5%)
Visual disability305,000 (10,4%)
Hearing and speech disability350,000 (11.9%)
Internal organ disorder621,000 (21,2%)

4. Recent Trend of Result of the Survey
The characteristics of the situation of disabled persons in Japan are explained in "New Developments in Measures for People with Disabilities in Japan".

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