Before Pregnancy 5... Step on the Scale

Before Pregnancy 5... Step on the Scale

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Before Pregnancy 5... Step on the Scale
Posted in 2016

Step on the scale

If you can stand to shed a few pounds, now is the time to go for it. "Not only can trimming 10 to 15 pounds from your frame make it easier for overweight women to get pregnant," says Dr. Greene, "but it will help you have a healthier pregnancy and delivery with fewer risks and complications." Working an exercise
 regimen into your routine now -- whether it's walking a few times a week or penciling in a Pilates class -- increases the likelihood you'll stick with it during and after pregnancy, making it easier to get your body back after baby arrives. And if you're on the skinny side, check with your doctor about whether you should bulk up a bit. Being too thin -- especially if it throws your periods out of whack -- is a known fertility meddler. The get-pregnant ideal is a body mass index (BMI) between 19 and 24. 

My advise
1... Your body mass index should be between 19 and 24
2..  If you are obese then follow healthy food, healthy habits to reduce your weight.
3... Drink sufficient water

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