Common Causes for Infertility both Men n Women

Common Causes for Infertility both Men n Women

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Common Causes for Infertility both Men n Women
Posted in 2014

Common Causes for Infertility both Men n Women

  • Age: With the increase in age, both men and women lose their fertility. Women enter in their menopausal state in their mid 40s to 50s and men also lose the volume and sperm motility with age.
  • Lifestyle: Smoking and alcohol consumption can also affect fertility. According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, drinking more than 3 to 4 units of alcohol daily, will affect fertility.
  • Stress: With the busy and hectic lifestyle, the libido or sexual urge is highly affected, leading to infertility.
  • Weight: One of the major causes that affect fertility is being overweight or obese. It can impact both male and female in their release of semen as well as ovulation of the egg. With the recurrent food habit and dietary flaws, both men and women tend to gain weight in an early age that is extremely unlikely to get conception naturally.
Weight gain is one of the very basic reasons, why despite other fertile conditions, a couple might not be able to conceive. Normal overweight is not as much a problem as obesity is.

My advise
1...   Your age plays an important role for your Infertility..  So don't Postpone to conceive.
2..    Stress due to various causes and it can be controlled with your Healthy life style
3..    Over weight or obesity will also the cause of Obesity.
4...   Modify your life style to be healthy and conceive.

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