Causes of Abortions .1

Causes of Abortions.. 1

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Causes of Abortions..1
Posted in 2014

Causes of Abortion:
1. ovular or fetal
2. maternal environment
3. paternal factor
4. unknown

ovo-fetal factors (60%)

(a) the ovo-fetal factors usually operate in early fetal wastage. Meticulous histological and cytogenetic study of the abortus reveals gross defects in the ovum or the fetus. The defects include
  • malformation
  • blighted ovum (ovum without embryo)
  • death or disease of the fetus often precedes the expulsive action of the uterus.
(b)Interference with the circulation in the umbilical cord by knots, twists or entanglements may cause death of the fetus and its expulsion.
(c)Low attachment of the placenta or faulty placental formation (circumvallate) may interfere with placental circulation.
(d)Twins or hydramnios (acute)  by rapidly stretching the myometrium may cause abortion.

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