The effect of dehydration on your unborn child

The effect of dehydration on your unborn child

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The effect of dehydration on your unborn child
Posted in 2015

My memories...The effect of dehydration in pregnant woman on unborn child
Posted in April 2015
The Effects of Dehydration in Pregnant Women on unborn child
During pregnancy, your body relies on water for additional functions, and not getting enough water can have negative effects on your growing baby. In the early stages of pregnancy, your blood volume expands significantly to supply your baby and the placenta. Water composes the majority of this blood content in the form of plasma. Your baby's amniotic fluid is initially formed from water you drink as well. Symptoms of morning sickness such as vomiting can make you more vulnerable to dehydration.
Heat Regulation
Dehydration can lead to maternal overheating. Water aids in heat regulation for all individuals, but it becomes especially important during pregnancy. Overheating becomes easier during pregnancy because your body is not able to rid itself of heat as easily. In an effort to compensate for this, your body may sweat sooner and more, which means you're also losing extra water. If your temperature increases to 102 degrees or higher, your baby can experience overheating as well. If this happens in early pregnancy, it can lead to neural tube
Drink sufficient water to meet your self and your child's requirements.

My advise
1..  Water is natural to cool your body and well as your unborn child.
2..  Water can clean your blood naturally which avoid skin disease to your child.
3..  Water can activate your unborn child's  brain and many more benefits to U and Ur child.

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