Mother's Milk is the best for the child

Mother's Milk is the best for the child

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Mother's Milk is the best for the child
Posted in 2013

It's not false advertising to say that mother's milk is nature's perfect food — and it's no overstatement either. Just as cow's milk is the ideal food for calves and goat's milk the best supper for kids (of the goatish variety), your breast milk is exquisitely tailored to meet the nutritional needs of a newborn human. Human breast milk contains at least 100 ingredients that can't be found in cow's milk and that formula manufacturers have yet to duplicate. It's easy on your baby's delicate tummy, too — breastfed babies' dirty diapers are notoriously less nasty than those of their formula-fed nursery mates (and nursed newborns suffer far less frequently from constipation and almost never from diarrhea). Some babies might be allergic to cow's milk (or soy alternatives), but the odds are slim that your baby's body will object to anything about your milk (except not being able to get to it fast enough).
Your milk also has a lower protein content, which makes it easier for your baby to digest, and its chief protein (lactalbumin) is both more nutritious and more readily broken down than the primary protein in cow's milk (caseinogen).The fats in your milk separate more easily, which is part of the explanation for those sweeter-smelling soiled nappies (as impossible as it may be to believe, the odor really isn't onerous — at least until solids come your baby's way). Finally, unlike formula, which is the same from feeding to feeding and can to can, the milk your body makes will change in composition in response to your baby's needs (and change in taste based on the foods you're eating). Want to know the many other benefits of breastfeeding? Read on!
Protection from infection. Breastfed babies are far less likely to suffer from ear infections, respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, and other illnesses, in large part because their immune system is bucked up by antibodies and other immune-boosting factors that are passed from the mom through her milk. Colostrum, the protein-rich, low-fat premilk produced by your breasts during pregnancy (and before real milk comes in), is particularly rich in these healthy ingredients. There are also no worries about bacterial beasties when it comes to breast milk: Breast milk is always sterile, no boiling required.

My advise
1...  It is proven that mother's milk is the best for the child.
2...  It contain all needed nutrients
3...  It is easily digestable
4.... The mother is advised to follow healthy food so that every needed nutrient is available  to the child's health and growth.
5...  It protect the child against infections

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