Risk of Pregnancy if you suffer from Thyroid

Risk of Pregnancy if you suffer from Thyroid

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Risk of Pregnancy if you suffer from Thyroid
Posted in 2013

Thyroid conditions can, for the most part, be easily managed in day-to-day life with the right medications and hormone therapy. However, the risks of low or high thyroid hormone levels become much more apparent during pregnancy.
Research published in the Endocrine Society's  Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & metabolisms hows that the risk of complications increases for both women with under active thyroid glands, or hypothyroidism, and those with overactive thyroid glands, or hyperthyroidism. Using data from the Consortium on Safe Labor on 223,512 single-child pregnancies, researchers found that these conditions can increase the risk of obstetrical, labor, and delivery issues.
"Women need appropriate thyroid hormone levels to support a healthy pregnancy, so it is very important to carefully monitor expecting mothers who have thyroid diseases," said Dr. Pauline Mendola of the National Institute of Health’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD) in a press release.
With up to four percent of pregnancies involving thyroid disorders, understanding how to keep the conditions in check is crucial for both mother and child.
"In the United States, at least 80,000 pregnant women each year have thyroid diseases," said the study's lead author, Dr. Tuija Männistö of the NICHD, in a press release. "These women are at increased risk of having serious adverse pregnancy outcomes, including hypertension and preterm birth. They also have a higher rate of labor inductions and other birth interventions."
My advise
1...  The thyroid gland releases thyroid hormones tor our healthy life.
2...  If thyroid gland damaged due to unhealthy food it will not create thyroid hormones to need of our body.  This is known as Low or high thyroid hormone level.
3..  If the normal person with the above condition than they will find many health problems.
4... If the pregnant woman is suffering with above problem than her unborn child also suffers with the same problem.
5... Your unborn child needs thyroid hormone to develop his body.  If thyroid hormone is not supplied by his mother as required then the child will be defective.
6... Regulate your thyroid gland with healthy food  before you conceive.

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