Before Pregnancy 8 .... Stock up on Sleep

Before Pregnancy 8 .... Stock up on Sleep

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Before Pregnancy 8 .... Stock up on Sleep
Posted in 2016

Stock up on sleep

Bank those zzz's now, recommends Jackie Rose, co-author of The Newly Non-Drinking Girl's Guide to Pregnancy. "Sleep in with your husband on the weekends, nap whenever you can," she says. Most of us anticipate sleepless nights once baby arrives, but many women don't realize that it can be tough to get a decent night's rest during pregnancy -- when things like heartburn, getting up to pee, and adjusting to side-snoozing can keep some expectant moms tossing and turning. It may even help you get pregnant faster -- women who get too little sleep tend to have more problems ovulating regularly than those who don't, studies show.

My advise
1..   You should be free from mental tensions and have sound sleep
2..   It helps U to have healthy eggs  and your Life partner to healthy sperm
3..   Develop positive thinking to have well  cultured child

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