Causes of Abortions..4

Causes of Abortions..4

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Causes of Abortions..4
Posted in 2014

Paternal factors

Defective sperm, contributing half of the number of the chromosomes to the ovum, may result in abortion, but it is difficult to prove. However, some women who abort habitually may have normal pregnancies following marriage with a different man.

Unknown (25%)

Inspite of the numerous factors mentioned, it is indeed difficult, in a majority, to pinpoint the cause of abortion in clinical practice. Too often, more than one factor is present.

According to My research 1. Scientific Reason and 2. Astrological Reason
1. Scientific Reason::The child has to receive 1.Air 2.Water and 3. Nutritional food to grow Healthy from their mother. The mother has to take Air, Water and food so as to fulfill the requirements of Mother and unborn child. The air helps to expand the body and food helps to grow his body day today. If lack of any will result to lost the baby before birth.
2. Astrological Reason:: We will consider planetary position of the couple, their periods and transiting moments of planets. If any of them are adverse position the child will lost the breath during the day when they are aspecting/running

My advise
1..  Follow healthy habits.  Your healthy food contain all needed nutrients for your body and you should be careful about your child.
2..  Keep your mind always cool
3..  Be happy

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