Pregnancy infections...Cytomegalovirus 1

Pregnancy infections...Cytomegalovirus  1

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Pregnancy infections...Cytomegalovirus  1
Posted in May 2014

Cytomegalovirus CMV) infection is the most common infection present at birth (i.e., congenital infection) in the United States. Infection with CMV during pregnancy increases the risk that the baby will experience congenital CMV.
Most children infected with CMV at birth have no symptoms. Some newborns, however, develop congenital CMV. Symptoms of congenital CMV include the following:
  • inflammation of the retina
  • rash present at birth
  • abnormally small head along with incomplete development of the brain (i.e., microcephaly)
  • yellowing of the skin, eyes, and mucus membranes (i.e., jaundice)
  • enlargement of the liver and spleen
  • low birth weight
  • seizures
  • deposits of minerals in the brain
My advise
1..  Take Healthy food and follow healthy habits to avoid infections during your pregnancy.
2... Drink sufficient water
3... Child's brain cells need sufficient water and nutrient food to grow healthy..  If mother during her pregnancy could not supply water and nutrient food the child may be infected..  due to it the child may face above problems after birth.
4..  Due to unhealthy food and lack water the child already infected in mother's womb it is appearing after birth only.
5... I advise every woman to follow healthy food

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