Causes of Abortions..2

Causes of Abortions..2

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Causes of Abortions..2
Posted in 2014

Maternal factors (15%)
maternal factors usually operate in late abortion.
(a) Maternal illness:
  • Infection: viral infection especially of rubella and cytomegalic inclusion disease produces congenital malformations and abortion. The viruses of hepatitis, parvovirus, influenza, have got lethal action on the fetus causing its death and expulsion. Parasitic (malaria) and protozoal infection (toxoplasmosis) may produce abortion if contracted in early pregnancy. Hyperpyrexia may precipitate abortion by increasing uterine irritability.
  • Maternal hypoxia and shock: acute or chronic disease, heart failure, severe anaemia or anaesthetic complications may produce anoxic state which may precipitate abortion. Severe gastroenteritis or cholera which is prevalent in the tropics is often an important cause.
  • Chronic illness: hypertension, chronic nephritis and chronic wasting disease are responsible for late abortion by producing placental infarction resulting in fetal anoxia.
  • Endocrine factor: an increased association of abortion is found in conditions of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and diabetes mellitus. Inadequate corpus luteal state is consider to be related with unsatisfactory ovular growth and development and hence its expulsion

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