Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting

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Attachment Parenting
Posted in 2015

Attachment parenting is a style of caring for your infant that brings out the best in the baby and the best in the parents. Attachment parenting implies first opening your mind and heart to the individual needs of your baby, and eventually you will develop the wisdom on how to make on-the-spot decisions on what works best for both you and your baby.
A close attachment after birth and beyond allows the natural, biological attachment-promoting behaviors of the infant and the intuitive, biological, care giving qualities of the mother to come together. Both members of this biological pair get off to the right start at a time when the infant is most needy and the mother is most ready to nurture. Bonding is a series of steps in your lifelong growing together with your child.

My advise
1...  When U give affection and attachment to your child before and after birth then the child brain will be developed in positive way.
2...  I advise every parent to give affection and attachment to your child

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