Pregnancy infections...Cytomegalovirus 2

Pregnancy infections...Cytomegalovirus  2

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Pregnancy infections...Cytomegalovirus  2
Posted in May 2014

Most infants with symptoms of infection at birth will have long-term neurological problems, such as hearing loss, vision loss, intelligence disorders, developmental disorders, and so forth. It may take years for these problems to manifest. Furthermore, congenital CMV infection increases the risk of diabetes, thyroid disease, osteoporosis, and so forth. Infants who are infected with CMV at birth but show no symptoms are at much lower risk of such problems.
It’s hard to predict which babies will experience severe congenital CVM. Furthermore, there is no cure for CMV. Treatment plans involve physical therapy, appropriate education, and so forth. In infants with congenital CMV, treatment with antiviral medications may mitigate loss of hearing later in life.
Cytomegalovirus is ubiquitous in the environment; thus, it can be hard to avoid. Nevertheless, pregnant women are advised to limit their interactions with very young children who can spread infection. Specific guidance includes the following:
  • wash hands thoroughly after contact with children’s saliva or diapers
  • avoid kissing children younger than 6 years old on the cheek or mouth
  • avoid sharing food and drink with young children

Additionally, pregnant women who work as daycare providers should avoid contact with children younger than 30 months old.
My advise
1..  Take Healthy food and follow healthy habits to avoid infections during your pregnancy.
2... Drink sufficient water
3... Child's brain cells need sufficient water and nutrient food to grow healthy..  If mother during her pregnancy could not supply water and nutrient food the child may be infected..  due to it the child may face above problems after birth.
4..  Due to unhealthy food and lack water the child already infected in mother's womb it is appearing after birth only.
5... I advise every woman to follow healthy food

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