Prepare for walking in your Pregnancy

Prepare for walking in your Pregnancy

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Prepare for walking in your Pregnancy
Posted in 2015

If you walked regularly before being pregnant, keep doing it. If you're new to walking, start with a short, 15-minute comfortable stroll, three times a week. 

Once you've got into the habit of walking regularly, you can build up to faster, 30-minute walking sessions, four or more times a week. If you have a high fitness level you can walk for longer than that. Just be sure to slow down or stop if you feel too tired, unwell, or feel any pain. In general, your body will be able to tell you when it's time to stop.

If you're short on time, incorporate walking into your daily routine. So walk short distances rather than drive, take the bus only part of the way and walk the rest, or use your lunch break to get outside and stretch your legs. 

Wear sunscreen and cover your head with a  cloth on your heald if you're walking under the sun. Take a bottle of water with you to help prevent dehydration. Being dehydrated can raise your body temperature, and  overheating isn't good for you or your baby.
It's best not to have your headphones on while walking outdoors as loud music can drown out the sounds around you. To stay safe, always be aware of your surroundings, especially in areas with unruly traffic or stray animals.

My advise
1..  Walking is good for you and helpful to your unborn child to grow healthy.
2..  I advise you to walk between 7 to 8 AM  or  after 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM.  In Sun Light you will get sufficient Vitamin D.
3.. Walking is helpful to U and Ur unborn child to keep Healthy.

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