Healthy life style helps U to conceive

Healthy life style helps U to conceive

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Healthy life style helps U to conceive
Posted in 2013

I received mails and messages across the Globe asking me about Healthy life style.
I will tell U simple example....You are familiar how to maintain your four or two wheeler. At the time of purchasing it the manufacturer give you a manual of it which contains how to maintain your vehicle..when to change the engine oil, which fuel has to be used etc..If you follow it you can enjoy the full life period of vehicle.
Similarly we have to maintain our body with healthy food, healthy life style that you can enjoy your full life time i.e. 100 years without any health problems.
Please note the following to enjoy your full life time i.e. 100 years
1. Choosing Healthy Foods : Our body requires all needed nutrients daily with some amounts...You have to supply it with your food which contains nutrients.
2.Your food must be in according to your your nature of profession...Physical activities you require more proteins...For mental activities you require zinc and saturated fat.
3. Do exercise according to your profession and physical stamina.
4. Relax when your body or mind tired.
5. Sound sleep for minimum 5 hours
If you follow this you will be free from health problems. You can enjoy with your family.
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