Happy moments of a Mother

Happy moments of a Mother

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Happy moments of a Mother
Posted on 10th July 2017

One woman who is suffering with Type 2 Diabetes and requested me to guide and sent her medical reports time to time.  I guided her with my principle ie. Healthy food, healthy life style etc.... and she followed my guidance and sent  reports till 3 days back as . Today I received a message on Facebook messenger that Expressing her happy moments as she given birth to a Male Child, with Normal delivery. The mother and child are Normal Today I created an article on Type 2 Diabetes. All of you might have seen. I feel very happy to share the news with U that the woman who took my guidance given birth to the Healthy child with Normal Delivery.
I always guide for Normal delivery as I am against to Ceasarian. I guide ceasarian if the woman's condition is against to Normal delivery or threat to the baby or mother.

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