Medical research says about thyroid hormone

Medical research says about thyroid hormone 

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Medical research says about thyroid hormone
Posted in 2013

More research needs to be done to improve thyroid disorder treatment, but researchers know in which direction they need to move.
“Although we lacked information on treatment during pregnancy, these nationwide data suggest either a need for better thyroid disease management during pregnancy or that there may be an intrinsic aspect of thyroid disease that causes poor pregnancy outcomes,” the study authors wrote. “Future research is still needed to distinguish if women with adequately treated thyroid disease have higher risk of pregnancy complications due to the disease itself or if treatment can truly prevent adverse outcomes.”
As for whether women with thyroid conditions should rethink pregnancy, Mendola has reassuring advice. 

“Although they were more likely to have obstetric complications than women without thyroid disease, it is important for individual women to know that most women with thyroid disease in our study did not experience complications,” she said. “More research is needed to identify ways to further reduce their risk, and careful monitoring of thyroid function during the course of pregnancy may be helpful.”
My advise
1...  Keep your thyroid gland healthy with your Healthy food, healthy habits to have healthy child
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