Wold Heart day September 29

Wold Heart day September 29

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Wold Heart day September 29
Posted on 1st October 2015

Healthy Heart Choices for Every one ..Every where
World Heart Day takes place on 29 September every year and is a chance for people across the globe to take part in the world's biggest intervention against cardiovascular disease (CVD).
This World Heart Day, our focus is on creating healthy heart environments. By ensuring that everyone has the chance to make healthy heart choices wherever they live, work and play, World Heart Day encourages us all to reduce our cardiovascular risk, and promotes a heart-healthy planet for those around us.
There are many ways to get involved, from planning your own World Heart Day event to sharing your Healthy Heart Selfies (a photo of yourself making the heart symbol, just like our campaign image!) on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Please help us to give everyone, everywhere the right to make healthy heart choices. Keep visiting this website regularly for more updates and information!
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