Avoid birth defects of Brain

Avoid birth defects of Brain

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Avoid birth defects of Brain
Posted in 2013

Birth defects of the central nervous system are called neural tube defects (NTDs). NTDs include conditions called spina bifida, anencephaly and encephalocele. They are all present at birth and are due to a problem with the development of the brain and/or spinal cord in the developing baby (fetus).
The brain and spinal cord of a growing fetus develop from a simple structure called the neural tube. The neural tube ‘zips up’ along its length to close and protect the brain and spinal cord. If the neural tube doesn’t close at any part along its length, the baby will have a neural tube defect. The types of neural tube defects (spina bifida, anencephaly and encephalocele) are due to the place along the neural tube that hasn’t closed, leaving parts of the brain and/or spinal cord exposed.
A range of genetic and environmental factors are thought to be responsible for NTDs, including the mother having not enough of the vitamin folate and some epilepsy medications. Taking folate (folic acid) before and during early pregnancy can significantly reduce the chance that a mother will have a baby with this kind of birth defect.
Symptoms of congenital brain defects vary. Each defect has a distinct set of symptoms and impairments.
Some of these symptoms may not be apparent until after birth when your child exhibits developmental or growth delays. Some congenital brain defects don’t have symptoms until adulthood. Some never have symptoms at all.
Children born with congenital brain defects also may have:
cardiovascular disorders
gastrointestinal defects
cleft lip and palate
head pain
muscle weakness
reduced vision
bladder and bowel problems
My advise
1...   The mother has a folate deficiency – if the mother is lacking some nutrients, especially the B-group vitamin called folate (folic acid), the chance of having a baby with a NTD is increased. If folate is taken before conception and at least for the first four weeks of pregnancy, around seven out of 10 cases of NTDs can be prevented. You should talk to your doctor about how much folate you should take if you are thinking of becoming pregnant.
2...   Genetics – the exact genetic association is unclear, but a woman is at increased risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect if she has a close relative who has had a baby with the condition (a family history). A woman who has already given birth to a child with a neural tube defect is also at increased risk of having subsequent babies with a similar condition.
3...   Having a personal or family history of a NTD can influence the amount of folate needed to reduce the chance of having a baby with a neural tube defect. You should talk to your doctor about how much folate you should take if you are thinking of becoming pregnant.
4....  In some cases, however, there is evidence to suggest that some forms of neural tube defects are caused by specific genetic changes (mutations) that are not related to folate. In these cases, the neural tube defect is caused by the baby inheriting faulty gene copies from both parents. These faulty genes prevent the baby from making use of folate that is necessary to grow and develop in pregnancy (even if the folate is present in the right amount). In these cases, taking folate before and during pregnancy will not prevent the condition.
5...   For brain development of your child before birth he needs sufficient Oxygen.
6.  .. Oxygen levels in your body depends on your food
7...   Take healthy food which consumes minimum oxygen for your body needs so that sufficient oxygen will be sent to your child's brain development.
8...   Folate is available in your healthy food.  Eat the food contain Folate before conceiving and continue upto delivery to have Healthy child without brain defects.
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