Anemia and Pregnancy ... 4

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Anemia and Pregnancy ... 4
Posted in 2015

A mild iron deficiency shouldn't affect your baby while you're pregnant. But research also suggests that mild iron-deficiency anemia that goes untreated and becomes more severe during pregnancy – especially in the first two trimesters – is linked to an increased risk of a baby being born with a low birth weight.
Having severe iron-deficiency anemia may even increase the risk of stillbirth and newborn death.
How to have Healthy child?
Every couple should think about to have Healthy child..When your bodies contain all required Nutrients then only you should plan for a child otherwise the child will be defective. It is the most important point to consider..I have seen many defective children and researched the cause I found some nutrients are not sufficient in their bodies due to which the child is defective.
Iron is the only nutrient to develop blood cells in your bodies..It carries all other nutrients and supply to all parts according to their requirements..So to develop any part of the baby Iron is must..If the parents doesn't contain Iron sufficiently in their bodies it results to defective child...To function brain cells, heart cells and kidney cells which are the main parts of the body require sufficient blood otherwise their function will be wrong is also another cause of defective child.
I advise every couple to take healthy food so that you will get all required nutrients before conceiving which results to have HEALTHY AND BRILLIANT CHILD.
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