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Understanding what unborn babies may Hear

Understanding what unborn babies may Hear

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Understanding what unborn babies may Hear
Posted in 2014

 Understand what Pre born Babies may Hear.
As pregnancy progresses, many women speak to the babies growing in their wombs. Some mothers-to-be sing lullabies or read stories. Others play classical music in an effort to boost brain development. Many encourage their partners to communicate with the baby too.
But when can your baby really begin to hear your voice, or any sound from inside or outside of your body? And what happens to hearing development during infancy and early childhood?

Fetal hearing development: A timeline

Week of pregnancyDevelopment
4–5Cells in embryo start to arrange themselves into baby’s face, brain, nose, ears, and eyes.
9Indentions appear where baby’s ears will grow.
18Baby starts to hear sound.
24Baby is more sensitive to sound.
25–26Baby responds to noise/voices in the womb.
The early forming of what will become your baby’s eyes and ears begins in the second month of your pregnancy. That’s when the cells inside the developing embryo begin arranging themselves into what will become the face, brain, nose, eyes, and ears.
At roughly 9 weeks, little indentations in the side of your baby’s neck appear as the ears continue to form on both the inside and the outside. Eventually, these indentations will begin moving upward before developing into what you’ll recognize as your baby’s ears.
Around 18 weeks of pregnancy, your little one hears their very first sounds. By 24 weeks, those little ears are rapidly developing. Your baby’s sensitivity to sound will improve even more as the weeks pass.
Concert-going mothers report their preborn babies jump at the sudden sound of drums. In fact, from at least the 23rd week on, a preborn baby’s hearing is developed enough to enable him to respond to outside noise. Prenatal researchers believe that from at least six months of pregnancy onward the preborn baby is aware of and influenced by what’s going on in the outside world. (From the 28th week on, the cortex of the brain is developed enough for thinking, which is actually one of the reasons 28- week-old premature babies can often survive.) Babies seem agitated by rock music, kicking violently when they hear it and are calmed by classical music. Even the five-month-old fetus has been found to have discriminating musical ears. In one study, kicking babies calmed to the sounds of Vivaldi but became agitated in response to Beethoven.
From 28th week the unborn child respond to your voice...You can speak to them,,teach positive words, Our mythological stories,,how to improve self confidence etc..You will be perfect parents to your systematic and well cultured child...
My advise
1..   Start your communications when you confirmed pregnancy.  As the organs of your child will develop daily when he starts hearing it should be positive words so that the mind develop positively.
2..   Teach your unborn child how to tackle in difficult situations so that he can solve any problem in his life.  He will be more successful in his life.
3...   Father and mother should talk to their unborn child so that the child will recognize parents voices and teach their good behavior, tackle any kind of problem, how to achieve pre targeted goals..
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