The effects of Alcohol

The effects of Alcohol

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The effects of Alcohol
Posted in 2013

The effects of alcohol on fertility are greater than you may think. Even moderate alcohol consumption may lower fertility. Alcoholic beverage consumption is well accepted in most countries world wide. As infertility rates increase, we have to wonder if regular alcohol consumption may contribute to this problem. We all know that heavy drinkers have a greater risk for all sorts of health problems, but what if you drink 5 or less alcoholic beverages a week? Research shows, even women who consumed 5 drinks or less a week each, had lowered fertility. The good news is that moderate alcohol consumption did not affect the length of time it took the couples to get pregnant. Those couples who drank more than 5 alcoholic beverages a week took longer to conceive.
One study performed over a 3 year period, with 430 couples ranging from age 20-35 years of age, showed that women who drank five or less alcoholic beverages a week had lowered fertility. After a 6 cycle follow-up, 64% of the women who drank 5 or less alcoholic beverages conceived, compared to 55% of women who drank more than that a week. The study did not show men to have lowered fertility, and the amount of alcohol intake did not matter. This older study’s conclusion on the affects of alcohol consumption, has a stark contrast to another recent study published in 2011. This newer study, focused on male fertility, concluded that men who drink alcohol regularly, have lower sperm motility and concentration. They also had reduced chance of fertilization.
My advise
Don’t drink alcohol if you’re pregnant, trying to get pregnant or think you may be pregnant.
2...  Alcohol can cause problems for your baby at any time in pregnancy, even before you know you’re pregnant.
3...  Drinking alcohol during pregnancy makes your baby more likely to have premature birth, birth defects and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
4...  Drinking during your pregnancy may cause
a.....Premature births :  This is when your baby is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Premature babies may have serious health problems at birth and later in life. 
b...  Brain Damage :   Brain damage and problems with growth and development
c.... Birth defects :   Heart defects, hearing problems or vision problems
d...  Low birth weight
e...   Miscarriage 
f.....  Stillbirth
4... Follow healthy habits to have healthy child
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