Vital organs of your body

Vital organs of your body

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Vital organs of your body
Posted in 2012
Humans have five vital organs that are essential for survival. These are the brain, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs.
The Human brain is the body's control center, receiving and sending signals to other organs through the nervous system and through secreted hormones. It is responsible for our thoughts, feelings, memory storage and general perception of the world.
The Human heart is a responsible for pumping blood throughout our body.
The job of the Kidneys is to remove waste and extra fluid from the blood. The kidneys take urea out of the blood and combine it with water and other substances to make urine.
The Liver has many functions, including detoxifying of harmful chemicals, breakdown of drugs, filtering of blood, secretion of bile and production of blood-clotting proteins.
The Lungs are responsible for removing oxygen from the air we breathe and transferring it to our blood where it can be sent to our cells. The lungs also remove carbon dioxide, which we exhale.
Fun facts
The human body contains nearly 100 trillion cells.
There are at least 10 times as many bacteria in the human body as cells.
The average adult takes over 20,000 breaths a day.
Each day, the kidneys process about 200 quarts (50 gallons) of blood to filter out about 2 quarts of waste and water
Adults excrete about a quarter and a half (1.42 liters) of urine each day.
The human brain contains about 100 billion nerve cells
Water makes up more than 50 percent of the average adult's body weight
My advise
1.. To functions all your body parts it needs sufficient oxygen, water and all nutrients.
2.. Oxygen levels in your body is depend on your food. I told U that your body takes 6 lts of oxygen per minute through breathing. For digestion your body oxygen will be consumed, to purify your blood and transportation of nutrients to supply to needed parts
3.. Your brain is the main control station to send signals to all your body parts,  
4.. If you want to give birth to Healthy and brilliant child than you have to supply sufficient water for proper activation of brain and to open all cells of body parts and brain cells needs oxygen needs more oxygen to your unborn.  What ever you take oxygen with breathing will be used for your digestion and body needs first then remaining oxygen will be sent to your child.   If any cell in your child's body or different cells of your child's brain didn't receive sufficient oxygen then the child will be defective either physically or mentally.
5... So take food which will consume minimum oxygen for your body so that sufficient oxygen will be sent to your child's body and brain cells.  He will be very healthy and mentally very sharp so that he may be scientist or great professional.
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